Hotel Sorriso’s theme rooms

Unique, colorful and exclusive!

4 available, 1 for type; you can choose between:


Sea Room

Room of Mermaid of the sea

Jungle Room

Room of Crazy Circus

Magical Woods Room (new for 2023!)


Have you ever thought you could sleep surrounded by fishes, lions, mermaids or jungle animals?
Maybe you did not believe it’s possible, but you can live this "dream" in the new theme rooms of the Hotel!

You will find the following in all the Rooms:

  •   Independently-controlled air conditioning
  •   internet Wi-Fi internet
  •   TV LCD 26 - 26-32-inch LCD TV
  •   Large balcony with sea, pine forest or town views
  •   Telephone
  •   Safety deposit box
  •  Minibar
  •   Bathroom with shower
  •   Hairdryer

Now close your eyes, relax a few seconds and imagine yourself in one of these rooms ...
While you are sleeping on one side, open your eyes, stretch your arm and caress the soft mantle of a tiger, the smooth head of a dolphin or the trunk of a majestic elephant! What do you feel? It's a strange but pleasant feeling, right ?!


Believe me, it will not be just the children who will be enchanted!


The theme rooms are a great gift for your children, to amaze them and keep them entertained even when they are in the room.


What the 4 theme rooms have in common:

  • They are only 1 per type
  • They are completely themed with 3D drawings, bedspreads, curtains and nice accessories
  • the room is for a maximum 4 people, with the accommodation of a double bed and a bunk or double bed, bed and cot.

Sea Room


Where tender dolphins and colorful fishes swim around you

Camera a tema mare
immagine di un Delfino
Camera a tema mare

Room of Mermaid of the sea


Where you can finally meet the beautiful mermaid and explore the sea floor with her

Camera a tema con le sirenette
Camera a tema sirene e mare
Camera a tema safari
Illustrazione di un leone in camera

Jungle Room


Relax by sleeping in a green forest in the company of savannah animals such as giraffes, zebras and hippos

Camera a tema Leoni e safari
Camera a tema circo, stelle, fantasy
Immagine di un clown e di scene da circo

Room of Crazy Circus


Play with clowns, jugglers, tigers and cute little monkeys in a colorful circus tent, but watch out ... a lion has escaped and could be anywhere in the room!

Camera a tema Circo, fantasy per bambini

Magic Wood Room/strong>


In this room you can climb trees and play with the mascot Marino and the animals of the forest

Contact us now, to book your favorite, but hurry up! The theme rooms are only 1 per type!