The kitchen is one of our strengths

Ricco Buffet di verdure


  • High quality in our gluten-free kitchen
  • homemade pasta (at least once a week)
  • Improved Wifi at the restaurant


One of the strong points of Hotel Sorriso is the cuisine and therefore not to be missed. The owners themselves take care of it, with our Chef, so we can guarantee that you will be served genuine and delicious food to make your lunches and dinners with us one of your loveliest holiday memories. 

In our air-conditioned dining room on the first floor, our guests can savor international and typical delicacies from Romagna, such as the piadina, all cooked using fresh and top quality ingredients.

Discover our Gluten-free kitchen with fresh and Handmade products: 


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The excellent and generous meals served at Hotel Sorriso are worthy of high-class restaurants and you can discover a variety of flavors. You can choose between a meat or a fish menu and enjoy the rich assortment of vegetables in our buffet.

All dishes are served at the table from our smiling waiters, for a real relaxing time.

Sala ristorante in hotel a Lido di Classe

There is also a large choice at breakfast, with both sweet (homemade cake, croissant, yogurt, cornflakes...) and savory options (eggs, sandwich, cheese...), to give you a good start to the day and all the energy you need.


Your children will be spoilt here too, with personalized menus to suit their needs and feed them in the best and tastiest way possible.

Possibility to ask for the comfort Packet Lunch, with sandwiches, fresh fruit and water, to bring itself practicality and convenience.