Foto Hotel Sorriso a Lido di Classe
Foto Hotel Sorriso a Lido di Classe
Foto Hotel Sorriso a Lido di Classe
Foto Hotel Sorriso a Lido di Classe

Hotel and Mirabilandia

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At just 5 kilometers from the hotel there is Mirabilandia, the most famous fun park in Emilia Romagna, set in a lovely natural landscape and offering attractions and games that are renewed every year to become more and more exciting.

Divertimenti a Mirabilandia
Attrazioni a Mirabilandia

Shows, events, games and attractions, in surreal, fantastic and magical settings, will entertain young and old alike, such as the famous ISpeed, the most well-known roller coaster in Europe. And not to be missed by lovers of thrills are the attractions that literally take your breath away, such as Niagara that will hurl you into the water from a height of 27 meters, or Katun, a gigantic roller coaster that reaches 110 kilometers an hour in a 360° loop which will put even the bravest to the test.


Each year Mirabilandia attracts huge numbers of tourists and visitors of all ages who, amidst panoramic views from the highest big Eurowheel, haunted houses and roller coasters, spend long days packed with fun. 

In fact, at Mirabilandia there are attractions and entertainment throughout the day, such as theMike and Otto shows for the little ones, or for older children and adults alike, fascinating stuntmen and animated performances recreate chase scenes from Hot Wheels Show.

And since Mirabilandiahas become a true symbol of fun on the Romagna Riviera, it could not but dedicate a whole area to the beach and sea. It has indeed created Mirabilandia Beach, in an exotic setting of faraway shores, where a white-sanded beach is surrounded by crystal-clear water. Here you can bathe and relax but also swim out to El Castillo which will give you the thrill of pirates’ adventures.


Mirabilandia Beach is also a galaxy of water attractions, such as slides, rides on dinghies and jumping and diving in the water, to give you give you lots of pleasure and cool down your hot summer days.

Piscina e scivoli a Mirabilandia